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Therapy Beagle

Bouncy, snuggly, supermodel - that's me! I love getting outside for adventures as well as cuddling with my humans, and touching noses with the bunnies. In cold weather, I'm on the couch, eating apple slices, and watching the snow fall outside.

I'm ...



Baby Bun

Just 3.5 pounds of adorable - my full name is Emerson Tiberius Creampuff, but everyone calls me Emmy.

You can find me hopping around looking for unattended cups of tea, lemon cake, and even dog food. I'm a little dreadful that way, but doesn't ...

Genghis Khat


Head Cat

Cats are the best, if I say so myself. I've been training people and dogs for 17.5 years now. These days, I'm most often found perched on my person's head, or flopped out on my heating pad for extra comfort.

Aubrey and I bonded over chasing a huge ...